This Forum is for our members who are Custom Knife makers. They will be allowed to discuss and sell their products here in this forum. The definition of "Custom" in this instance is the same as with our Custom Builders of lights... they just don't quite fit the definition of a Manufacturer which is:

"A manufacturer is commercially involved as a maker of goods produced independently of significant input and/or participation/involvement from CPF's membership, and doesn't significantly produce any goods through such significant input and/or participation/involvement. The use of an outside retail and/or wholesale business website is not necessarily a requirement or an exclusion for manufacturer status on CPF or CPFMP. "

The discussion and/or sales of production knives in this forum will not be allowed! Discussions should take place in the regular Knives sub-forum in the Personal Gadgetry & Non-flashlight Electronics forum and sales of production knives should take place in the Dealer's or Manufacturer's Corner forums at the MarketPlace.

This forum is somewhat of a trial. CPF has no desire to compete with such other forums as BladeForums. This forum is simply a small piece of our community and an attempt to accomodate some of our members who can't quite decide which they like better... lights... or knives...