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  1. New Knives Ready
  2. GREG LIGHTFOOT - Bull Whip for Sale
  3. More Knives!
  4. some knives
  5. A few pictures from today
  6. PICS: Griptilian vs. mini-griptilian size comparison
  7. An older one
  8. Some New Lockbacks
  9. Damascus Handled Azrael Folder.
  10. Damascus Saigo Flipper.
  11. Finished this weekend
  12. LIGHTFOOT "SLICE" Brand New Model Just Out
  13. Another baby comes home
  14. Just finished Damascus beauty
  15. Damascus miniature SOLD
  16. some (more NEW )knife pics ...
  17. Damascus knife F/S price drop to $520
  18. extreme miniature damascus knife sold
  19. Damascus neckcarry F.S.
  20. another extreme mini knife both SOLD
  21. Just finished these firesteels (stag and g-10)
  22. New flames pattern welded damascus pics...
  23. Looking for an oddball; probably custom?
  24. been busy (Knife pics)
  25. HARM Tracer Large
  26. Adonizing Mokume.....can it be done??
  27. Been busy, with some folders.
  28. Azrael Flipper with Damascus bolster.
  29. Fiddleback Forge Update
  30. wooly pully
  31. I just started in ceramics
  32. Knife templates ??
  33. Anyone work with D2 before?
  34. My first fully successful blade.
  35. DIY fully carbon fiber knife building. :) Lots of pics!
  36. Anyone tried to make pattern welded Titanium?
  37. I need something that doesn't exist
  38. Homemade ceramic and nylon liner lock folder (w/pics)
  39. How do you polish your blades?
  40. Some of my work
  41. Where to get mokume-gane for bolsters?
  42. A very sad loss... George Tichbourne left us this morning
  43. Rick Hinderer "Cool BLUE"
  44. Can someone make me a replacement handle for my Gerber automatic?
  45. My EDC rotation
  46. Knife designer looking for custom knife makers
  47. Miniature Damascus knives (pics)
  48. knife and gear scores at blade show!
  49. Titanium Deluxe Tinker
  50. carbon fiber and titanium Super Tinker