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  1. Mil-spec Tactical Nylon Gear, SERE Pouches, etc.
  2. Custom Titanium Wallet Chains and Bracelets
  3. Custom Paracord Survival Bracelets
  4. B@rt's Tritium thread
  5. Titan Ring Designs -- 5Axis CNC Machined Titanium Wedding Rings
  6. Merkava Isotope & Isotope 360 Tritium Fobs.
  7. Merkava TEC-T3, S3, A3 & A3 Cerakote Tritium Fobs and Tritium Upgrade Capsules
  8. Merkava Tritium Vials
  9. Merkava Isotope-Mini & Isotope-Tandem Tritium Fobs
  10. ESP Light Holsters - US Sales and Rep Hands Down best holster out there...