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  1. Who is A.S.?
  2. >>> Pocket Power Series<<< 3x XPG2, XHP-50, and XM-L2
  3. Suggestions for the website :)
  4. >>> Custom Maglites<<< Cree XM-L2, XHP-50 and XHP-70!
  5. 2550 lumen, 1x 18650, 3 XML2 Power House!!
  6. The biggest drop in bulb... Come see.
  7. Whats YOUR Adventure?
  8. Aleph 3x XPL build.
  10. SOLD--------Arc of Josiah---------
  11. The old school tools thread. Vintage flashlight retrofits.
  12. >>>Do it yourself flashlight parts<<< Heat sinks, LEDs, Drivers and more.
  13. SOLD: 4,777 lumen MT-G2 Maglite thrower, + 10amp clickie switch.
  14. FS: 5,000 lumen E seires Aleph head light engines.
  15. SOLD:Price drop! Maglite ML25LT 1,600 lumen
  16. FS: 5,000+ lumen Dropin for Maglite.
  17. LED FIRE STARTER Flashlight!!!
  18. Macs EDC Brass with Turbo head
  19. How to reflow solder an LED emitter on a PCB or MCPCB.
  20. Maglite Switch Mod For LED conversion, and lower resistance.
  21. Surefire tail cap disassembly Z41 switch mod.
  22. Photos ... Let's see some photos of your custom VOB Adventure Sport MODS.
  23. Internet lumens VS Actual Lumens, and the 100 watt LED test!
  24. DIY lumen measuring device. Integrating shpere, and lumen tube.
  25. Matt... you did it!
  26. Convoy L6 in Clear
  27. Convoy L6 SMO Reflectors.
  28. My first check from YouTube!
  29. Designing a Flashlight 7/15 Update!
  30. Last Call <----$89 XML2 Maglite bulbs
  31. Ultimate TRI EDC Brass Now Shipping!
  32. Upgrading Maglite 6D to 5000 lumen - question
  33. The shorty spring
  34. Thank you Matt!
  35. Design Help Wanted: Flashlight to Jumpstart Your Car.