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    What Headlamp Should I Get For This Troxel Helmet?

    Thread Starter: JAS

    I am an avid equestrian. I like to ride at night. In the past, I have simply used a headlamp attached to the back of a baseball cap and then worn it backwards.

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    Looking to replace my pd35 tac

    Thread Starter: Bryguy215

    So my Fenix pd35 just stopped working so I'm looking to replace it. I would like a USB rechargable but it's not a deal breaker. I would like to stay around

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    WTB- HDS B60 or U60

    Thread Starter: scout24

    Title says it all. I'll entertain Basic or Ultimate, GT or XR. Would prefer 90%+ condition, 100% functioning, with a clip. If you've got a loaded shelf

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    liteXpress LXB404-4 Maglite LED upgrade

    Thread Starter: radioactive_man

    I had a 4D and a 6D Maglite lying around, and I am too cheap to get Malkoff dropins for them. I saw the liteXpress LXB404-4 LED upgrade for 10 euros (down

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    Replacement batteries or restuffing Dell laptop battery?

    Thread Starter: N8N

    Hi all

    Have a Dell laptop that I trash picked and would like to turn into a low budget music player (using a USB DAC that I already have.)

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    Small thrower

    Thread Starter: tom6

    I want a small thrower. i haVe manker T01 and i like it, byt i want something smaller about the size On The Road M3(7cm x2.3) Any idea? How about clarus

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    Manker Godmes iOS App Doesn't Work

    Thread Starter: Flash-O-Maniac

    Hi, hopefully somebody can help me resolve this problem. I just received the Manker Godmes flashlight today from GearBest. The light has 2 QR Codes stamped

    Last Post By: Flash-O-Maniac Today, 03:23 PM Go to last post

    Flood vs Floody beam types

    Thread Starter: bkpdle

    When a manufacturer like Zebralight offers headlamps in Flood (120 degree beam spread) and Floody (90 degree beam spread), what are the practical differences

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    Question about what can be sold

    Thread Starter: buckeye1

    Hi, I have some ammo that i cant use now , also a hand grip,
    Can it be sold here if so inclined ???

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    WTS: Tain Octtavino V2

    Thread Starter: K2-bk-bl-rd

    I bought this Tain Octtavino recently, and while I like it, I want something else, with 3 modes.
    It's in pretty good shape. The mode switch can

    Last Post By: K2-bk-bl-rd Today, 11:59 AM Go to last post