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    Re: X60Mvn ;-)

    That oughtta soak up some heat!
    btw brass as we know it is copper and zinc; bronze is copper and tin. Not that it matters, just throwing that out

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    Steve K

    Re: REVIEW: Busch & Muller Ixon IQ Premium - Warning Photo Heavy

    agreed.. moisture immunity is probably not going to be a big deal. It did occur to me that you might just put a piece of electrical tape over the joint

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    Re: Led Lensers

    Ive got a couple of the V2 UV light models as well as the P3AFS and a few H,P,T7 series lights and a F1. Other than having to clean the pocket lint out

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    Photos of your lights

    Here's a little Gem I picked up just the other day. Hope you guys like the pics,

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    Re: Stealth h4 upgrade

    I talked to JW Speaker over a year ago about the 8800 H/L. It will not fit the housing for a standard 6"x4" sealed beam. It is for some sort

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    Re: Which AA Zebra Light Head Lamp?

    Depends on what your doing with it. The H502 will give you more flood without hot spot. I have used the H50 H51 H502 (all gone). I miss the H50 the

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    Re: Charging log for AA batteries

    Have I ever mentioned I tend to over think things?
    Well, I do...

    Apart from being a photographer, I'm also a software developer!

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    Re: question regarding LED lights

    Yes, it will be tied back to AC power, and I will be using an isolated power supply on a GFCI. Water and electricity scare me! The cheap Chinese switching

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    Re: X60Mvn ;-)

    So $330 the VN modded price? or?
    Is there any current bump planned or just the heatsinking $45?

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    Re: Tmack customs

    Ahh Teflon tape = plumbers tape, gotcha, just make the threads a bit thicker.
    I thought for burning the best way would be the tightest dot possible?

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