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    Pila IBC Charger... Running Out Of Juice?

    Thread Starter: Climb14er

    Bought in 2009, has been excellent the last seven years. Lately, only charging batteries to 4.13 to 4.16. Both new protected Orbtronic 3500, 3100 and

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    Crusader Forge FIFP Custom Folding Knife

    Thread Starter: lightknot

    This is a Crusader Forge FIFP "F" Custom Folding Knife, Dressed in camouflage, and ready for action, this blade can handle the toughest assignment.Frame

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    Test/review of Gpower 18650 2500mAh (Yellow-black)

    Thread Starter: HKJ

    Gpower 18650 2500mAh (Yellow-black)

    Official specifications:

    • Capacity: 2500mAh
    • MAX Discharge Current: 35A
    • CDR

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    What's this SMD?

    Thread Starter: Lithopsian

    The supplier made a mistake and sent me the wrong LED strip (or is just scamming customers). It has slightly strange SMDs that have a top emitter surface

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    Aluminum powder

    Thread Starter: degarb

    Years ago I bought arctic epoxy. Found it gone after half a build. Not very good thermally, probably as good as expected. Researching it was not silver,

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    Surefire E1L-A

    Thread Starter: Tribull

    Well I got my new Surefire E1l-a in the mail yesterday and was so excited to open it especially becacause I was expecting the 3/45 one and I got the updated

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    WTT I offer McGizmo Ti PD (6 flute) Wanted:Tain Aura

    Thread Starter: kisetsu2015

    I'm looking for a Tain Aura.
    I offer a McGizmo Ti PD (6 flute) in almost new condition,it's also for sale.Please PM me if you're interested.

    Last Post By: kisetsu2015 Today, 06:49 AM Go to last post

    Lumintop tool - 10440 or not?

    Thread Starter: tigfur

    Ive been trying to look up whether it is ok to use an 10440 battery inside the lumintop tool and i only seem to find two extremes

    1) sellers

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    Blue 405nm pen laser

    Thread Starter: staudi

    Hi all,

    Some time ago I bought set of 3 laser pointers for my wife. She's a teacher and needs them for presentations.
    While Red and

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    XPG3 The upgrade?

    Thread Starter: saabluster

    I'll be honest. As much of a throw junkie as I am I have spent the last year almost completely ignoring anything throw related. It is not a change of

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