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    Re: WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    I've always wondered what Vinh does with all of the boxes he doesn't include ha ha
    Or is it that when he gets the lights they don't have a box to

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    Re: Mounting a headlamp to a bike helmet?

    Many years ago, I also used Petzl Myo XP under my helmet. The light source was very close to eyes, which meant that the thinnest fog made vision blurry.

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    Re: SC62w First Impressions

    Just a thought on these "Defective clips". So the defect is that clip moves around even when fully tightened right? Is it possible either

    gunga Today, 02:47 PM Go to last post

    Re: The V54 Lounge.

    Ha Ha Yea get both!!
    Just kidding Outdoorsman. I know exactly how you feel.
    I would love to buy up every one of Vinh's lights but there is

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    Re: New Zebralight SC5


    how true....I'll have to set a calendar reminder for an annual look-see for this thread

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    Re: Batteries in a DQG Tiny Ti

    I was operating under the theory that a regulated circuit would only draw the power it needs, regardless of the input voltage. Some flashlights offer

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    Re: SC62w First Impressions

    What exactly is the problem people have with ZL clips? They seem fine to me.

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    Re: SC62w First Impressions

    Thanks very much.

    Since we don't know why the ZL clips are defective -- only that a number of them are -- who knows if this would work?

    hatman Today, 02:38 PM Go to last post

    Re: The V54 Lounge.

    SL1 looks great, but I'm leaning towards the more compact S200C2vn....only for reasons of size. Sometimes I go on long runs where I need the light for

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    Re: question regarding LED lights

    Not possible, the only way you could burn yourself would be to short the battery with something that became hot a length of wire etc..


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