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    Hamilton Felix

    Rugged low-speed lamps like "alley lights"

    Thread Starter: Hamilton Felix

    I'm interested in some inexpensive little floods for offroad work, not to be used as fogs. I subscribe to Hilldweller's philosophy that if I'm using

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    Olight S1R or S1 Mini

    Thread Starter: Mojer


    Looking for my next light. It's either going to be a S1R or S1 Mini. Could someone explain the differences and advantages/disadvantages

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    Test/review of Sony US18650VT3 1500mAh (Green)

    Thread Starter: HKJ

    Sony US18650VT3 1500mAh (Green)

    Official specifications (This is for VTC3):

    • Nominal capacity: 1600mAh
    • Rated capacity:

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    Soldering Station - Never too old to learn!

    Thread Starter: zespectre

    In all my years of tinkering I've pretty much always used either your common 40 watt "pencil" soldering iron, or one of the more powerful "pistol

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    What is safe temp for 18650?

    Thread Starter: Rifter

    Just wanted to know when to get worried. Charging in my Nightcore I2 get them to around 35-40c at the hottest. After a few min in my Xsearchervn can get

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    MH-C9000 with Eneloop or Powerex Precharged batteries

    Thread Starter: Ubtree

    11 years ago I purchased an MH-C9000, but soon stopped using it because of the poor performance of the NiMH rechargeable batteries of that era. I've

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    Thread Starter: Bogie

    Had to send the KX1B from my E1L in for repair and got an E1MV in return. Now I want my E1L to work again as I'm not sold on the MV. Let me know what's

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    WTB: HDS Rotary Cerakote

    Thread Starter: Prana


    I am looking for a HDS Rotary Cerakote (zombie green, purple, blue, white or red). Should be the high CRI 200 lumens version with

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    WTB: Malkoff M61 drop-in, MDX head lens, SF lanyard, etc.

    Thread Starter: xdayv

    Hi guys. It's quite a challenge getting some goodies from this side of the world, so I'm tryin' my luck out here with the good folks of CPF.

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    Hello from UK

    Thread Starter: Daneland

    Hi gals and guys. I have just joined the forum. My missus needs a dental headlight and suppliers are asking an arm and a leg for them. So trying to figure

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