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    Mod Wanted

    Thread Starter: usdiver

    Previously I had enquirer about someone to mod a HDS 200 but it has changed now to modding a 250 rotary HDS.

    Also I have a First-light USA

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    Thread Starter: blindedbythenight

    Probably put this in the wrong place, apologies if so. But just wanting to know about people's dealings with the manker website direct? Especially if

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    Big LED failure problem

    Thread Starter: Jaakub

    Hi guys,
    recently I have many problems with SMD LEDs. The most common problem is some kind of leakage in silicone encapsulation. It might be air

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    Jade Elma

    After installing the LED headlights, the battery drained?

    Thread Starter: Jade Elma

    Hey guys,

    My customer installed the new headlights but then the battery drained.
    He has a Canadian Jeep JK with daytime running lights

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    Prometheus Alpha Ready-Made; Surefire Titan Plus

    Thread Starter: jimbyjimb

    First "I'll take it" wins.

    Prometheus Alpha Ready-Made; MC-E 4500k emitter; previous owner installed blue O-rings. I installed

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    Leatherman Crunch

    Thread Starter: jimbyjimb

    Leatherman Crunch multi-tool vise-grip. I broke my original a few years back, then got this one from the factory as a replacement. Haven't used it much.

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    SureFire A2 replacement bulb?

    Thread Starter: RichS

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement bulb for my SureFire A2? I don't see them for sale over at Lumensfactory anymore.

    Thanks in advance!

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    is 2500 lumens per watt possible

    Thread Starter: raggie33

    is 2500 lumens per watt possible is 10 years will we see tis

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    offroading event

    Thread Starter: mcbrat

    had a club event last weekend. got to use a coupled Mac lights for the campfire sessions, and showing off, and got to relax.

    nothing extreme

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    OR Universal Clip HDS Modification tutorial

    Thread Starter: TimeOnTarget

    I got an HDS Rotary 200 lumen light and an OR Universal pocket clip to go with it. I read some of the other posts about modifying an OR clip which seemed

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