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    Xtar WP6 II charger won't charge cells to 4.2V

    Thread Starter: DayofReckoning

    I have an XTAR WP6 II charger that, for whatever reason, refuses to charge my cells to 4.2V, consistently only charging them to 4.15V, occasionally only

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    Thread Starter: etc


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    Thread Starter: etc

    test test test

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    need high-discharge AA NiMH

    Thread Starter: PiperBob

    I need some high-discharge AA NiMH batteries. It's actually for an audio recorder, not a flashlight, but I can't think of any group that knows as much

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    Someone removed my Jeers thread!!!

    Thread Starter: Nichia!

    It seems someone didn't like my thread so they just decided to delete it!!!!!

    What's going on here???

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    The press car...all but forgottton

    Thread Starter: slackercruster

    The railroad press car showed how important the newspaper was in the early 1900's. Between destinations, the newspaper was printed from start to finish

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    HDS Tactical Flashlight

    Thread Starter: RCS1300

    For Sale: HDS Tactical Flashlight

    Original owner
    250 Lumens - (Orange color ring on positive battery contact)
    Black bezel and

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    Yuji Hi CRI Makes A Quiet Pelican

    Thread Starter: KITROBASKIN

    A fun project with a Yuji 5mm 5600K High CRI LED and an old Pelican flashlight. 3 C size batteries is too much for the emitter, so I used packed aluminum

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    Do high current batteries make flashlights run cooler?

    Thread Starter: llmercll

    I am wondering if high AMP IMR batteries will make a flashlight run cooler than standard NCR18650B's. I mean samsumg 30q's and sony VTC5's for example.

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    Maglite Mini-AA Incan to LED Mod Rehash

    Thread Starter: pc_light

    On another thread member Number21 asked about drop-ins for old 2-AA Maglites, I mentioned a mod I'd done using an AA and member LiftdT4R was interest

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    Olight S1 Baton

    Thread Starter: LGT

    I have two of these, one is black HA, the other is blasted titanium. Great condition, never really carried. $25 for the HA, $35 for the blasted titanium.

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    The Malkoff Medal award

    Thread Starter: etc

    The Malkoff Medal Award:

    Proudly goes to INFRNL for his vast and all-encompassing work in the field. His enormous project cannot exist

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    Washington DC area

    Thread Starter: etc


    *Putting message in a bottle* on the desert island and throwing it into the ocean.

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    HDS trit install

    Thread Starter: Nitroz

    Just a quick tritium install on a HDS light.

    Curing in the oven

    That lens is invisible!

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