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Thread: Endeavour's Getting Out of Modding Sale | NG1000s and VX0U Star Left

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    Default Endeavour's Getting Out of Modding Sale | NG1000s and VX0U Star Left

    Hey Folks,

    Iíve finally gotten out all of my extenuating projects out the door and can fully focus now on the CR2 Ion project without distraction, and finish up a project of mine this winter something thatís been sitting on my backburner for months, the BFL-9000. (More details on that project whenever it's done.)

    My tools have been cleaned up and put away for a long time now that Iím getting out of modding, and Iím hoping to get some more room by moving out some old parts to folks who can actually use them. Iím looking to get these out quickly, so there are some good deals to be had.

    Aleph / McGizmo
    (1) Nickel Plated Aleph 1 Head w/24K Gold Plated Lens Ring $50 SOLD to JeffB shipped
    (1) 24K Gold Plated 1x123 & McE2s Standard Cap $100 SOLD to JeffB shipped
    (10) Light Engine Kits $12ea. 2 SOLD to 4sevens 2 to Kenster, 5 to Lunal_Tic (1 left)
    (4) NG1000 Converters $22ea. 2 SOLD to idleprocess shipped (2 left)
    (2) Downboy 750 Converters $12ea. SOLD to 4sevens
    (1) Downboy 1400 Converter $12 SOLD to Flex76Italy shipped
    (1) 1x123 Pack Ė Black $15 SOLD to Sigman Shipped
    (1) 1xCR2 Pack Ė Black $15 SOLD to Sigman Shipped
    (1) A1 Head, 2x123 Pack, McE2s Standard Set Ė Black (can be split up if necessary) $110 SOLD to pbarrette
    (1) Original EN Plated McLux Head w/McFlood Reflector & E-Can, Aleph 1x123 Pack, McE2s Bald 15 ohms Ė All parts nickel plated $125 SOLD to Kenster Shipped
    (1) Royal Blue NG1000 Light Engine $70 SOLD to pbarrette

    Assorted Mods & Parts
    (1) 24K Gold Plated FireFly II with NG500, UX1L, and UCL:

    (1) Bead Blasted Groovy! w/NG750 UX1K LED by PhotonFanatic $100 SOLD to LouRoy Shipped

    (1) Bead Blasted CR2 FF2 battery pack w/16-ohm switch kit & keyring $30 Withdrawn

    (1) VX0U Luxeon V Star $20

    (1) Fully Modified Aluminum LionCub Ė Widened bezel aperture, McR20, UX1L, complete with my signature bead blasted finish. $225 SOLD to LouRoy Shipped

    Arc Parts
    I cannot ship Arc Parts until 12/16/05, payments for the parts will be accepted closer to the 16th, but you can reserve whatever parts youíd like for now. Iím not sure exactly how many Iíve got, but Iíll fill all requests in the order received. Also note that all battery packs come with O-Rings, but the TSPs do not have Krolls installed.

    Raw battery packs are $5ea., Bead blasted are $10ea.

    P-123 Raw Twisty Battery Packs HOLD 1 for GreenLED (Plenty left)
    TSP-123 Raw Clicky Battery Packs
    TSP-2AA Raw Clicky Battery Packs HOLD 1 for GreenLED, rest sold to cy

    P-123 Bead Blasted Twisty Battery Packs
    TSP-123 Bead Blasted Clicky Battery Packs
    TSP-2AA Bead Blasted Clicky Battery Packs

    (7) Kroll Switch for TSP Packs $4ea. 7 SOLD to cy

    (5) Empty Raw Rev2 Arc LS Heads $22
    (5) UCLs & O-Rings for the LS Heads $5 2 SOLD to 4sevens (3 left)
    (10) Board retaining rings $1ea. 10 SOLD to cy
    (6) Working Arc LS Stock Boards $25ea. 6 SOLD to cy

    (1) Original Arc LS 2AA Twisty $40
    (1) Original Arc LS 1AA Fat Twisty $40 SOLD to rikvee

    (4) T-Bin Luxeon III LEDs, pulled from LionCubs run over 2 overdriven battery cycles, dimmer than new stock. (Canít go wrong with Free, though!)Gone! 1 to Gessner17, 1 to legtu, 1 to thesurefire, 1 chesterqw
    (3) IMS 20mm Reflectors Gone! 1 to Gessner17, 1 to legtu, 1 to GreenLED

    Shipping via USPS Priority mail is a flat $5.50, inclusive of PayPal fees. Global Priority shipment is a flat $9.00. Most parts, except for the Arcs, will ship this Saturday. If they donít make it out on Saturday theyíll go out at the same time as the Arcs on the 16th. All International orders will go out on the 16th, payments for International Orders (and Arc Parts) wonít be accepted until December 14th, but your order spot will be held for you until then.

    For all US domestic orders, please post here first what youíre ordering, then send me an e-mail at I will confirm your order and send you a total as soon as possible.

    More pictures of different parts available upon request - most of you know what these parts look like, though.

    Thanks folks!

    Don't forget to e-mail me your order so I can give you an address to send PayPal too. Also, don't forget to include what it is you wanted in the PayPal notes section, too!
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