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Thread: I made Ron's LIST

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    Buttrock I made Ron's LIST

    Well I finally got important after all these years. Ron Popiel has sent me a personal Email inviting me to buy something? you just set it and forget it. Sounds kinda cool.Coming from the King of “Now how much would you pay” I feel honored to make his personal “LIST”. I almost missed out on this as it got sent to my spam folder stuck Between a “meet hot women’ (like my wife is not mad enough I need another women mad at me) and a “enlarge your’ well never mind. I can save almost 500.00 dollars if I act now, is that cool or what???

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    Default Re: I made Ron's LIST

    LMAO that's funny. especially the hot woman part.

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    Default Re: I made Ron's LIST

    Too many angry faces coming from the opposite gender can be too much of a good thing.

    There is also an African nation's representitives offering to babysit some leftover moneys for personal use from several email addresses and entities.
    They all seem to end up in my junk mail folder too.

    Oh, yeah, The male enhancement offers.
    That's kinda funny when they don't have the round ones to get FDA aproval.
    The FDA has been kinda lenient in recent years with approving stuff that was later proved unsafe.

    Surprisingly, I have not gotten any more junk email than before I posted my email address in my sigline.
    There must be some other forces at work as far as how we make some shady coward's email list is concerned.

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    I know somebody out there thinks I'm in debt and need a loan, wanting to meet hot singles in my area, have a small penis, and take lots of pharmaceutical drugs!

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    Default Re: I made Ron's LIST

    There's email deals to be had, if you're ready to be had!
    Light is sweet and pleasing to the eyes....

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    Default Re: I made Ron's LIST

    I trust you immediately ordered up a few "Pocket Fisherman" and "Salad Spinners". And, let us not forget the "Veg-a-Matic".

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