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Thread: Maglite 6 D Cell Upgrades

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    Default Maglite 6 D Cell Upgrades

    Are there any upgrades for a 6 D cell maglite torch available? If so, what would you chappies recommend? I don't have much in the way of a toolshop so are there any purchasable upgrades (such as the mini-mag base cap switch / LED replacement combo packs you can buy)?


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    Default Re: Maglite 6 D Cell Upgrades
    check out item Model DA-5W

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    Default Re: Maglite 6 D Cell Upgrades

    I'd just gut the lamp assembly and made a 6xD luxV LED space needleish

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    Default Re: Maglite 6 D Cell Upgrades

    Hello WarHippo!

    Here's a link for either a complete TK or a DIY kit. And yes it's an unusual online site for selling these modified MagLites since they primarily are into drums.

    Check it out! Hope you find what you're looking for and Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Maglite 6 D Cell Upgrades

    Cheers guys - very helpful and some nice suggestions too. It seems crazy that Maglite aren't embracing the LED / upgrade business. A bit myopic IMHO.

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