Hi guys.

Look at this thread:


After some discussion about referral codes in siglines and posts we have reached a consensus:

From now on such referral codes are considered SPAM on CPF. We would like you to remove such codes from your siglines and avoid them in your posts also, especially when making money from them is the only purpose of the post.

Now ... one could ask if there is a difference between a lot of members plugging their favourite dealer in their siglines and those referral codes. Yes, there is. Referral codes are undesirable, and more than simply plugging a dealer. They allow the referring member to make money or get a discount and are thus motivated differently than plugging your favourite dealer.

You have 24 hours to remove such codes from your siglines. After that deadline, your siglines will be edited by us, but no other action taken unless a member deliberatly tries to act in violation of this announcement.

Thank you.


P.S.: this is applies to all such referral systems and not only to Wicked Lasers, although this specific system was the stimulus to act upon it now.