Had a blackout last night, the first after I bought this apartment 3 yrs ago.

I was down at my neighbour having some beers and watching a movie. Instantly fired up my Freedom Micro and found the Keymate that I have in the pocket of my fleece jacket. Left the Keymate and went up to my apartment to get some more lights, taking my usual EDC(MM with TL-5 and a E2e) plus my "blackout kit" 2 Energizer led lanterns and 2 Safe-lights. Gave away one Safe-light to my neighbour (I originally bought 4 to give away but kept 2 for myself. Guess I'm going to order some more)
Finished the beers in candlelights as my neighbour and his girlfriend had lighted up every candle they have. Went up to my apartment aftewards and finished a book I've been reading using a headlamp for light(cheap Peltz knockoff, but gives good light even when on "dim").
The power came on after approx 50 minutes, and all went back to "condition green"

I believe this was a good test of my equipment and readiness, and I saw some things that I need to look into:
- I need to mod my Energizer lanterns with Nichias (I've got the leds, just don't have the skill yet)
- I need a new light in my emergency kit, as I gave away one Safe-light. (As I've ordered a Fenix L1P to EDC, I guess the MM with the TL-5 will be placed there until I deciede what to do)
- I need a quality headlamp to add to my kit

All in all a fun night for a flashaholic