For those of you who responded to my "Has anyone ever had a colonoscopy?" thread i wanted to update you on some new information.

I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy procedure on Tuesday and was diagnosed with Colon Cancer yesterday.

I'm going to be in the hospital for a week beginning Monday February 6th. On that Monday i will have a 3 hr surgery to remove 1/2 of my large intestines.

Everything thing else about my physical being is normal. I don't have high blood pressure, no heart problems, don't drink, don't smoke, there is no history of colon cancer in my lineage and this was completely random.

During my colonoscopy they found 1 polyp and removed it and said the colon cancer probably started out as a polyp then turned into the cancer.

My current blood is normal in all manners including testing for specific markers to see if there is any spread which all came back normal.

After the surgery i may need a round of chemo depending on how everything goes.

I just turned 40 in Septemeber and i'm way too young to be taken down by this. Please if any of you are my age or any age for that matter and feel any kind of stomach issues, or abdominal pains, or have any kind of unusual bowel patterns please go have them checked out for peace of mind.

I'm devestated by this news but have a great support system and a positive attitude.

So my prayer request goes out to all my flashaholic brotheren to keep me in your prayers and hope for a positive outcome.


Michael (aka iNDiGLo)