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Thread: Leatherman knifes any good?

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    Default Leatherman knifes any good?

    I can't get my mind off this thing..
    Leatherman e307x
    I am not a big knike guy, but between the blade launcher and bit holder I am wondering how I got so far through life without one..
    Just one more light and my collection is complete! Ok, maybe two..

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    Default Re: Leatherman knifes any good?

    I saw those at REI the other day and got a chance to "feel" them out. It sure is pretty neat looking though. Light in weight. Basic set of general use bits for smallish tasks. But for some reason it just didn't "appeal" to me one hundred percent to justify buying it. More like because it felt too rattley for me and not solid. I want something that has at least a tad bit more "authority" to it. That's my take on it, maybe someday though—


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    Default Re: Leatherman knifes any good?

    On the positive side, I'll say that I think it's a good sign that they are starting to offer premium steel in thier blades.

    I also think it's about time they came out with something like this. I wouldn't use one myself because I am a knife guy, and prefer a knife that doesn't have attatchments. I carry a Original Leatherman for that. I do see this filling a niche for those that don't want to carry a dedicated knife, but would be interested in something more multipurpose.

    If what CHC said is what is to be expected of them, then they may have a short lived production cycle. Others have tried this (Spyderco had the Spyderwrench) with not so great success.
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    Default Re: Leatherman knifes any good?

    Spyderco I believed did ok with the wrench and are preping a new model to come out latter this year near summer I think.

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