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Thread: Heads up on SF filters

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    Default Heads up on SF filters

    Just a heads up to future buyers of Surefire's colour filters - If you're going to get one...just be aware the heat from the incan lamp may warp the plastic colour filter. I'm guessing if left on enough, it may even melt/bubble the plastic. Don't know if the P60 lamp creates enough heat...but the P61 probably would.

    Last night i let my little cousin play with my SF G2 with G90 HP lamp installed (a rechargeable setup) and after 5+ minutes...the filter (red one) had warped a little bit. I only noticed today...anyways, i've got the F2X series, not the F3X series fwiw.

    It's all good, more character =).

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    Default Re: Heads up on SF filters

    SureFire changed to glass for red and blue with the "FM" Series BeamFilters.
    Sounds like you need the FM35.

    FM1x are for the Millennium "M3" and 9AN bezels
    FM2x are for the 2.5" diameter TurboHead bezels
    FM3x are for standard bezels such as the 6P
    FM6x are for the M2/8AX/8NX/L7/U2 etc bezels

    FMx3 - IR BeamFilter (glass)
    FMx4 - BeamShaper (polymer)
    FMx5 - Red BeamFilter (glass)
    FMx6 - Blue BeamFilter (glass)
    FMx7 - BeamCover (Hard Anodised aluminium alloy)

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