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Thread: Lithium D-cells?

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    Default Lithium D-cells?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a long term storage battery solution for my 3D mag with DB3 LED. First off, are lithium AA's, etc as stable and "long term storage" durable as cr123's? Secondly, do they even make lithium D's? Can't seem to find any... Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Lithium D-cells?

    CPF member AW sold them some time ago. He might have some left. Check with him.
    Still no response to that PM or e-mail you sent me two months ago? Try sending it again. I'm terrible at keeping track of messages.

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    Default Re: Lithium D-cells?

    The ultimate in primary D size Li (not Li Ion r type) performance that I am aware of can be found at Digikey and HDSSystems.com. (see products)

    They have very long life and substantial capacity.

    The HDS ones have reasonably high discharcharge capacity, not sure about the Tadiron ones on the digikey site.

    D size Li primary cells are usually intended for rather extreme use, so they price tends to match the intended "cannot fail - long life" aspect.

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