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Thread: SMJLED PR bulb in Energizer Quick Switch

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    Default SMJLED PR bulb in Energizer Quick Switch

    This dropin seems to be made for this light. It looks incedible in it. Has a brighter hotspot than I thought it would, and great flood. Really lights a room up. The only thing negative is the light cannot tailstand or candlemode, or it would be a 10+ for sure.
    One thing I didn't notice until now, is the light has a transparant orange ring around the outside of the lense/bezel, that glows when the light is on. This acts as an indicator that the light is on and placed face down, though I didn't see that on the packaging. It even has enough soft light to light up it's immediate area soft orange, but not useful enough to use it like that for serious illumination.
    The beam color is pretty purple, but I don't care about that.
    It ran fine off 2xAA,C, and D's. Imagine the runtime on those D's!

    For $5 on clearance at Target, I'm super glad I went back for this light as host. Having the abilitly to use whatever cell size, other than AAA or 9v, makes it indespenceable for longterm blackouts or battery shortage/ disasters. Again, if the light was waterproof, could tailstand, and had a clip/lanyard, it would be simply perfect.
    I'm recommending this light for anyone looking for a good host for the PR base SMJLED.
    If anyone wants, I can take wallshots of the beam and the orange ring glow.
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    Default Re: SMJLED PR bulb in Energizer Quick Switch

    I agree! I put one in the AAA/AA version of that light. Amazing hot spot with alot of flood. I bought mine on a dump at an elkectronics store for $1.99. May go grab a few more just for that bulb.

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    Default Re: SMJLED PR bulb in Energizer Quick Switch

    Batteries, batteries, I need more batteries ........

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    Default Re: SMJLED PR bulb in Energizer Quick Switch

    Has anyone had a problem with the SMJ-PR in the Quick Switch?
    I picked one up for $5.00 at Walmart and the SMJ-PR doesn't work in it. The bulb and batteries it came with work fine and the SMJ-PR and same batteries work fine in an 84 cent AA light.

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