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Thread: E2E Holder/Holster?

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    Default E2E Holder/Holster?

    Here's the thing, I use a gladius as my main smaller flashlight on duty, I have my E2E as my 2ndary backup. I keep it in the same holder that my scorpian came with but it isn't a tight fit, the E2E is a bit skinnier and not as long.

    Anyone have the quick release nylon holster from surefire? What do they think of it? I can't have a holster that comes off easily if I'm running or whatnot.

    What other nylong holsters are out there that will fit the E2E with a good fit?

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    Default Re: E2E Holder/Holster?

    Someone here mentioned buying the Minimag leather holster, boiling it and stretching it bit by bit to make the E2e fit. You can try a Maxpedition holster, or one custom made (but not too expensive) from John Willis (see his work in this thread:
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    Default Re: E2E Holder/Holster?

    Try Rip Offs brand. They make good holsters.

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    Welcome Caspertoo!

    This place is bad on the wallet but alot of fun! I have a couple SF V82 holsters for my E2O and E2. They work well and stand up to running and what not. A snag big enough to rip a V82 from your person will most likely cause you to stop and barf up your spleen! If your not comfortable with the velcro superglue the belt flap shut. I think you would stand more of a chance of your light flipping out of the holster than losing the holster.

    You can always attach the flashlight lanyard to your belt to be extra secure. Although this creates snag hazards.


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    I bought the quick-release for my 9P but I don't think I will ever use that feature because it is a velcro flap that is about one and a half inches wide and it does not come apart easily. there is no way you can release the flap to remove the holster without loosening your belt anyway, so you may as well just take off the belt and slide it off. They do make a clip-on with a metal clip, although possibly not as secure. it would be an easy thing to pull off without taking off the belt.

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    I use the Countycomm innova holster for my e2w.
    Perfect fit.
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    If you want the very best holster for your light try, I have several and you can't beat the custom fit and overall quality.

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