Hi all,

I missed out on buying one of the last Fire~Fly III's from the last run so while I'm waiting for the next batch due in August, I was curious how those of you lucky enough to have one are carrying your FF3's.

If you have the standard "keychain" version, do you carry it loose or do you clip it to a key ring or lanyard?

If you have a "pocket body", are you concerned that it will somehow slip out of your pocket?

What else do you have in your pocket with the FF3? Anything that could conceivable scratch the lens of the light? Do you, or are you concerned about scratching the lens or the body itself?

According to one of the photos on another thread, it looks like the Fire~Fly III is about the same length as a Chapstick and not much wider in diameter?

Thanks for posting your experiences. I look forward to reading them while I wait for my own .