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Thread: How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

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    Default How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

    Hi all,

    I missed out on buying one of the last Fire~Fly III's from the last run so while I'm waiting for the next batch due in August, I was curious how those of you lucky enough to have one are carrying your FF3's.

    If you have the standard "keychain" version, do you carry it loose or do you clip it to a key ring or lanyard?

    If you have a "pocket body", are you concerned that it will somehow slip out of your pocket?

    What else do you have in your pocket with the FF3? Anything that could conceivable scratch the lens of the light? Do you, or are you concerned about scratching the lens or the body itself?

    According to one of the photos on another thread, it looks like the Fire~Fly III is about the same length as a Chapstick and not much wider in diameter?

    Thanks for posting your experiences. I look forward to reading them while I wait for my own .


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    Default Re: How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

    Sorry you missed out, it is a great little light. I must have got one of the last ones. Anyhow, I carry mine in a 5 dollar holster from, it is called a 1 cell nylon holster. I put new velcro on it so the flap closes tighter and I even fit a spare battery in the bottom of the holster. This is my favorite setup right now. It really is a nice small compact and bright little flashlight. The holster is so small I hardly know it is there and better than pocket carry in my opinion!!!! Good Luck!!!
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    Default Re: How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

    I carry mine on a keychain with the included split ring attached to a caribiner. I can easily remove it from the keychain when needed. My keychain does not have many keys so the extra weight of the copper heat sink keeps it secure in my pocket.

    Tried it with a Fenix L1P holster and it works OK, if I did that for any length of time I'd attach a small lanyard to pull it out easier. For camping or roaming around in deserts, I'll use the L1P holster.
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    Default Re: How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

    i like the holster from lighthound, tadgear's sheaths, or just loose in the pocket.

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

    Keychain. Been on there forahwile now, alomost no nicks or scratches. I dont have many keys on my keychain either so its not to heavy. But I do like the weight it is, for I can keep track of it easyer in my pocket

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

    I carry mine like this, I use a ss clip hooked to a belt loop and the light hangs into the front pocket, easy to get and no risk of scratches/lost. I don't even notice is there.


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    Default Re: How do you carry your Fire~Fly III?

    I carry mine like this:

    I only got the FF last week, so I haven't updated the picture. I carry it where the Micra is on the picture.

    It's a handmade pouch that I made in a few minutes using scrap leather. I've made smaller versions and I use the one that fits the pants I'm wearing. The one in the picture fits in loose casual pants.

    It lets me carry lots of gear without rattles. I can also pull out any item just by feel, usually using the lanyards.


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