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Thread: anyone have an Aitec AT3003L?

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    Default anyone have an Aitec AT3003L?

    I like the 3C body and side switch, but the $ is a little high. Can anyone offer user comments about this light, or perhaps contrast it's features or performance with something familiar like the SL 4AA Propolymer? Thx,


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    Default Re: anyone have an Aitec AT3003L?

    Yes, I bought one of these (under the "Diamond" brand) a while back when I was first getting into LED lights- it was my first 3 watt light and boy was I impressed. The body is very solidly built and the whole light resembles a cop's nightstick. The output is very good, but because of the shallow reflector, you get a very wide flood beam (the center still throws pretty good though). I don't have the SL to compare, so I can't help you there. The switch is a very nice, easy to use side mounted true clicky.

    IMHO, this would make a great Mag replacement- a good light for a vehicle or when self-defence might be necessary. Because of the cylindrical design, the light can store away easily considering that it is on the larger side of things.

    Despite all of the positives I have about this light, I don't use it much simply because my tastes have turned to more pocketable EDC type lights. I paid $50+ shipping 2 summers ago and the light is still 90% condition. If you are interested, I could let it go for $35 shipped.

    Let me know what you think,

    ps- it is very easy to get to the emitter in this light if you wanted to try your hand at modding. A colored emitter in this baby would be VERY impressive.
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