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Thread: HELP. I've got a habit...

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    Default HELP. I've got a habit...

    Since February I have bought

    Two QIII Nuwais ( gifts )
    5watt Nuwai
    Glass lenses for the Nuwais
    Orb Raw
    Orb Raw NS
    Cells and blue Luxeon for Orbs
    Fenix P1
    Fenix LOP
    Fenix Civictor
    56 keyring lights
    6 chinese lights ( gifts for the neighbours )
    50 Battery Station 123's
    6 Rechargeable 123's
    Probably other stuff I forgot
    and a house.

    All these to go with the Surefire M3, E1, QIII, the various Maglights I have and others. So my question is;

    I have clearly developed a habit so what should I do ?? Try and kick it or go with the flow. Problem is, I can see myself lying to the wife, hiding new torches and sneaking out of bed at night to get my 'fix' in the closet.

    06.06.06 Update.

    I forgot the Fenix L1p on the original list
    And also ,now I have 50 key ring lights to add to the list
    And, as it turns out, in about 8 months, a baby !!
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