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Thread: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

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    Default Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

    This reminds me of something funky I did with an R/C helicopter quite some time ago. The engine is a 5.73 cc two stroke methanol-nitro engine. Platinum catalyst glow plug like most model engines.

    To start the engine, you hold a 12v electric starter with friction fitting rubber against the plastic knob that is attached to the crankshaft. My friend and I had the crazy thought of trying to let the engine drive the starter as a generator once it was started and powering something with it.

    Once we had the engine started, I held the starter on the engine while he hooked up a car headlamp on the starter leads. I clicked the switch and hit the throttle, well a little too much. I burned out the lamp. Something like this could be constructed into something the size of a 1 liter soda bottle.

    Unfortunately, the methanol/nitro fuel is $16/gallon. The castor oil exhaust is incredibly nasty, methanol burning makes nasty formaldehyde smell and it is incredibly loud.
    That small engine weighing much less than a pound can push 1.2 horsepower and about the right RPM for direct driving a small generator.

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    Default Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

    I understand that this wil make it cuter, and maybe more useful :-)


    It would be cool to make a real nasty beast - the problem is that I don't know that much about electronics... about amps out of a generator, and connect it to a lamp and all that.

    could I use a Xenon lamp? og would it break if the voltage goes under a certain value

    there could be a READY lamp :-) that lightens before I turn on the Xeneon then
    – and I thought I was alone with this obscure fascination of flashlights :-)
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    Default Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

    Hmmmm.... I've got a couple of the 400W Metal Halide versions of this

    And I've got one of the Honda EU2000i generators.


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    Sorry to revive an old thread but i just picked up one of these. It was getting thrown out and i thought it was a bit of a laugh and asked could i take it home. Did anyone end up finding out anything about them ? what sort of fuel they run on etc? Mine is the same as the pictures posted already. looks to be in good condition apart a heap of dust . thought i could use it as a back up for my fenix tk41's only joking.

    But seriously looking for info on the Kawasaki KT12 Diamond "torch" if you can call it that !

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    Default Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

    It would be very interesting to see some specs on this! Very nice build.

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    Crackup Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Sweet!!!! - How many LPG does she get - That's... lumens per gallon

    x 2

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    Default Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

    Hi everyone!
    I need some help with Kawaski Diamond flashlight. I got the flashlight from a friend, unfortunately, the engine is not working properly. I suspect some problem with the carburetor. I wonder if the carburetor is complete, and therefore looking for photos (high resolution) running flashlight. If someone were able to share these pictures that I would be very grateful. Or maybe one of you knows where to find any information on this item.

    PS: Sorry for my english.

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    Default Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!

    Hmmmm! Very cool looking light. If you could get enough owners together maybe you could even start a "class" to race them!

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    Default Re: The funkyest flashlight ever!!! haha!


    A friend of mine owns this wonderfull light, and after fixing it properly, it works like a charm.
    However, we would like to find more info about this light. We live in france, and we never found an other one..

    Anyone knows where this light come from ? and when ?


    (sorry for my poor english writings)

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