well, not THAT kind of naked..

Last week my wife and I went out for the evening (left the boys at home, 11yr old is certified red cross). We played some tennis, then went to one of the small local bars for a while. Later we were sitting on a park bench on the main intersection when a car waiting at the stoplight did what EVERY flashaholic waits for. Out of the sunroof came a spotlight (very lame one at that) and spotted us. Apparentally the teens thought we would be embarassed...
Now, normally I have many lights on me..
dorcy 1xAA with a 14500 DD at 1.2A with a TXOL (very bright)
m@g AAA with a SMJLED
ARC AAA clone
mini arc clone
and a pico
Last 3 are on my keys

Well, as my wife drove and I had just changed, I HAD NOTHING.
I just sat there slapping my pockets feeling naked

Since then I have promised my wife that will NEVER happin again. I just got a m@g D belt holder for my U bin cut mag (1.3A). And I HOPE to run into those kids again. I normally would NEVER shine ANY of my lights at a car, HOWEVER, a stopped car that 'started it' I think I could make an exception.

ANY other stories like this to share????