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Thread: Brisbane, Qld Meet - Any Interest?

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    Party Brisbane, Qld Meet - Any Interest?


    Just wondering if there are any other Flashaholics in the Brisbane or South East Queensland area. CPF Member Orbit may be up in Brisbane in August/September (dates to be confirmed) and I wondered if there was any interest in a get-together one evening to compare some lights, experiences, suppliers, etc.

    If interested then respond to the thread and one of us will try and coordinate.

    I'm not a flashaholic, flashaholics go to meetings!

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    Default Re: Brisbane, Qld Meet - Any Interest?

    I'll be up there for august/september.

    How about then?
    When: ?
    Were: big garden in the city....can't remember it's name....may suit....
    Time: after dark?

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