Hi guys

I've been looking at factories in China/Asia to buy green lasers from. So far I have talked with:
  • CNI
  • Delier
  • LeadLight
  • LightVision
  • NewWish
Are these the main players in the laser industry? (1mw - 50mw) Or am I missing some? Is it safe to assume that when the factory says it's 50mw, it is actually 50mw and not a mislabeled 5mw? Or do they often pull tricks on you and rip you off?

Has anyone here dealt with Delier Inc? The make lasers very similar to NewWish lasers, but there 50mw is cheaper than everyone elses 5mw!?!?! (Yes, ive ordered and recieved "50mw" from them, but how are they so cheap? Lower quality? )

And also, is 50mw from leadlight the same brightness/beam as 50mw from ther companies? Or does the brightness differ depending on the company? For example...will a 50mw LightVision be about the same as a 50mw Leadlight? Or will a 50mw LightVision be about the same as a 10mw Leadlight?