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Thread: Extended car warranty refunds?

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    Arrow Extended car warranty refunds?

    I have heard rumors that extended warranties for cars that have expired and were never used can be refunded.
    I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier that was purchased in May of 2000.
    I had gotten a "silver" protection plan from the factory for 100,000 miles, or 6 years,
    whichever came 1st.
    I never needed to use it during this time, it's unused.
    There is about $1,200 in this extended service plan.
    I thought it was gone for good.
    But if the rumors are true, maybe someone can clarify this info for me.

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    Default Re: Extended car warranty refunds?

    Actually it is probably a pro-rated refund, which means if you cancel the policy before its expiration date you get a portion of your money back roughly equivalent to the portion of the warranty remaining.

    Good luck either way: Those aftermarket warranties for cars are a HUGE ripoff in terms of getting them to act on any type of customer service issue.

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    Default Re: Extended car warranty refunds?

    I believe you will discover the rumor is false unless it was some sort of special promotion that I have never heard of. The extended warr. is nothing more than an ins. policy and just like your home and car ins. is not refunded if you don't file a claim. On most car extended warranties you do get a prorated refund if you terminate early and haven’t filed a claim. Actually, on most you can file a claim and still get some refund if you terminate early as long as the claim is less than what the refund would have been otherwise. They will reduce the prorated refund by the amount of the claim. If the rumor you heard were true it would be the primary marketing tool used to sell the warranty. The guy/gal selling the warranty doesn’t own the warranty company so they would be happy if you got a refund by not using it because nearly everyone would buy the warranty.

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