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Thread: New laser questions?

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    Help New laser questions?

    I just received my rechargeable RPL from jack today. I tried to use it but received no signal when depressing the red activation button. I assume the battery needs charging. I put it in the charger and it is showing a solid green output. I would assume this means it is fully charged. The charger did not have a protocall with it. I also need to know if the key on this model (non adjustable)
    needs to be turned to the right and left in this position with the key dangling down in order to fire the unit? Any help on the full sequence from charging to using this great laser would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: New laser questions?

    It happened that the shutter was in the closed position when the user turned it on, problem solved.

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    Help Re: New laser questions?

    I am guilty. I feel like a dummy. It appears that the key for the lazer activation can't be removed from the bottom without turning off the laser. You can't remove it or file off the wing of the key either. It is this wing on the key that allows the locked to be turned on and off.

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