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Thread: Who else loves their SAK Classic?

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    Default Who else loves their SAK Classic?

    I picked up a Victoriox SAK Classic at the store a few weeks ago because it was cheap and another fun gadget to have, in spite of the fact I already have a couple Leatherman Micras. I started EDC'ing the Classic on my keychain instead of a Micra for the heck of it, and it hasn't left since. I like the Classic over the Micra in several ways: lighter, not as buly, not as noticeable in the pocket, better knife blade.
    The blade is sharp as a scapel and is awesome for when a small blade is better suited over a full-sized pocket knife, like for extreme precision cuts. The handles do scratch really easily and i'm not sure how adequate the screwdriver on the tip of the file will be should I ever have to use it.

    This might be the best $10 I have ever spent.
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    Default Re: Who else loves their SAK Classic?

    I have been happily EDCing my Classic now for over twenty years. When SWMBO and I got married, I gave SAK Classics as groomsmen's gifts. I still have mine and so do others of my party.

    SWMBO also still carries her Classic; we now have added a few to the household - they are small, dependable and easy to use.

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    Default Re: Who else loves their SAK Classic?

    Classic seems like it could be real handy. They have them at my local convenience store of all places and I'm always tempted to get one for no good reason. But I have a Spyderco Jester on my keyring instead, much sturdier knife with a locking blade, in about the same sized package.

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    Default Re: Who else loves their SAK Classic?

    The one I have is in Silver Alox, and am very pleased with it. It's on my keychain along with the Photon Freedom. With regards to scratches, it's mostly on the side of where there two keyrings meet. Other than that, practically functional.


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    I carry the SAK Spartan. A bit larger, but I like to have the can/bottle opener functions around.

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