It was about a year (maybe less) ago that I searched the bejeezers out of these forums and found the Streamlight TL-3. I was only a lurker then.

It was year before that, I was a lurker when I found the mods for my 2aa mags and brinkman lights.

I have now decided to post.

I need more runtime. I worry that if I am stranded someplace and am trying to walk a distance that the streamlight will be out in an hour or 2--not to mention cooking my hand!

The streamlight is going on a weapon and will be used only in dire emergency. This will be a light for keeping in the glovebox of the car.

Here are my specs----

Run time greater than the streamlight by at least double (multiple brightness will be key here)

I would like LED for failure proof operation. (hence i am in this forum)

Size need only fit in glove box. (around 12" max)

I do not neccessarily want rechargable for fear of shelf life time.

I want something close to or brighter than the streamlights 200 lumens.

Budget is between 50 and 115 dollars (I would like to stay in 75 dollar range tops). But, I will pay for features and quality but I will not pay extra when a better light exists for cheaper! (Thats why I got the TL3.)

Please advise. I was trying to read what the flavor of the month is but it doesnt seem like there are clear winners like therwe was back then. Everything has its tradeoffs. I even saw a PC programmable light! SHEESH!