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Thread: Emerson / Buck Strider

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    Default Emerson / Buck Strider

    Learned a lot from "Emerson / Benchmade"
    Thots on Emerson vs. Buck Strider?

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    Default Re: Emerson / Buck Strider

    What do you intend to use the knife for? The Buck Strider is a fairly large and rough-handled knife, and wasn't something that I found comfortable to carry in my pocket. Many of the Emerson designs can be easily pocketed. I had a Strider for a while and wouldn't hesitate to choose it for a severe duty application. I'd probably choose an Emerson for an everyday knife though.

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    Buck Strider made some really nice knives too. The ones with G-10 handles were intense, like the 880:

    I have had bad luck with Emerson Knives. Usually off-center blades, sticky locks, poor finish, etc.

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    Default Re: Emerson / Buck Strider

    Where did you find this oldie? I'm moving it to Knives.


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