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Thread: Luminox vs Traser

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    Default Luminox vs Traser

    It's about time I replaced my battered Casio G-Shock watch and being a lover of all things bright, I've decided to get a watch with tritium markers on it's face.

    Now my question:

    Having looked at both Traser and Luminox brand watches, which is best ???

    Would appreciate comments from anyone with experience of either brand.


    PS. Any comments on the best strap options would also be helpfull [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Luminox vs Traser

    I believe I heard they were the same watch and Luminox is simply the US marketer.
    I give a thumbs-down to Luminox customer support though.
    You can do a search in here for my Luminox horror story.

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    Default Re: Luminox vs Traser

    Thanks Greg,

    I thought that may be the case as they look almost identical.

    It would probably be best for me to buy from Traser here in the UK, I've had a numerous dealings with them in the past (Glowrings / Teknolite Torches etc.) and they always gave very good customer service.

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    Default Re: Luminox vs Traser

    I got myself a US military watch with tritium markers from here.

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    Default Re: Luminox vs Traser

    ultimate field-lumi
    a tank!!!

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