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Thread: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

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    Default Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    I am looking for a AAA keychain light that has a half watt emitter. I know the L0P has a 1 watt. I am just looking for one that lasts longer than 1 hour. There are plenty of 5mm ones but I want something brighter.

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    Default Re: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    Peak makes the Baltic single AAA light and it uses an underdriven LuxeonIII LED. You can specify five different output levels to balance runtime VS brightness. I have two of them, a normal HA-III aluminum one that will run over 90 minutes in regulation before a looooong tail of light until it is dead after about 24 hours on alkaline. It will stay in regulation longer with a NiMH AAA rechargable.

    My second one is a stainless steel version with the 2AAA stainless body and momentary switch. It has the highest power option available and I strongly recommend not getting it if you plan on using alkalines.

    Peak rates them in candlepower and there are five levels of 50cp, 75cp, 100cp, 175cp and 230cp. Plenty of kick with the 100cp and the 230cp version on NiMH is pretty insane for it's size. Give them a call and tell them specifically what runtime and battery you plan on using, they can tell you the power level you need. They cost $49.95 in HA-III aluminum or brass and $59.95 in stainless steel. The 2xAAA body is an extra cost item but will increase runtime and brightness by around 40%.

    The other option is the new Fenix L0P SE which has three-stage switching to extend runtime. The regulation is poor on alkalines but very good on NiMH or lithium AAA batteries. 4sevens has them for $39.00
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    Default Re: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    target has the river rock 0.5w 2aaa led pen flashlight for sale for $8.99 i think

    i picked one up yesterday, and it's well worth it
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    Default Re: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    I'm looking for a single AAA light. Is there anything else besides a peak? Where can I get a peak?

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    Default .5 Watt

    There are a few 0.5 Watt lights;

    The Nuwai AAA ones,
    The Fenix L0P 'Special Edition' or
    the Fenix E1 is probably what you want, also
    the Solitare SMJ Module than LAMBDA sells is nice.

    Look Here:

    Or search these forums for L0Pse (L-ZERO-P), ect...

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    Grinser2 Re: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    Advancedmart has a 0.5 AAA that works well. I believe it is $10.99.

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    Default Re: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    1 vote for Fenix E1 Nichia 500mW, almost 3 hours runtime.

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    Default Re: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    Where can I order a Nuwai AAA flashlight?

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    Default Re: Is there a 1/2 watt AAA light?

    Order here...

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