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Thread: Round battery holder for 3 AAA cells?

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    Default Round battery holder for 3 AAA cells?

    Anyone know where to get those round holders for 3 AAA cells, as used in many LED flashlights? I can get them in flashlights at a nearby dollar store, the rare times they have any in stock, but then I'd be left with poweless flashlights. (For the curious, it's for a lightsaber hilt project.)

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    The only place I have seen such holders are in/with lights.
    Another issue you will have with them is there are serveral variations of the 3AAA cartridge type holders, I have them with 2 spring loaded contacts on one end, one contact on each end with no springs, a spring loaded contact on one end and contact plate on the other end, a spring loaded contact pin on one end with a ring contact on the same end. I figure there are probably other variations out there so finding what you desire may not be as easy as buying throwaway lights for the holders.
    For the price of the lights at the dollar store if they have a holder what you need it will definately be cheaper than buying the holders alone from anyone unless you want to buy 100 of them from somewhere if you can find a place selling them.
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    Default Re: Round battery holder for 3 AAA cells?

    If you can't find just the holder and your dollar store is out of stock you could, in a pinch, order a bunch of these from fifth unit and get the carriers for $2.50 each delivered.

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    Contact truforge@sbcglobal.net Item number 25066, 9 LED Light. 80 cents each in a 96 piece carton.

    Those are the ones the dollar store had.

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    You can also get the Garrity from costco with batteries and mod the bodies to take R123's with some kind of tubes!!!


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