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Thread: where to get Spyderco Jester from?

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    Default where to get Spyderco Jester from?

    I just noticed this knife while poking around ebay. I haven't seen this model before, is it new? It looks like the ideal utility knife for me at work. There is a green serrated version up for bid, but it has already jumped in price, and I don't want to go crazy bidding on it. Are there some good online stores that carry these?
    I have found a few with the black handled versions, but no colours.


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    Default Re: where to get Spyderco Jester from?

    You could try Knifecenter or SMKW. They both show them in stock although it looks like the green ones are discontinued (not sure about that, but they're not listen on Spyderco's on line catalog).

    This model has been around for quite a while now and there were several different colors but it now looks like they only make black. I did notice that knifecenter listed both the SE and PE green as in stock.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: where to get Spyderco Jester from?

    I like to order from NewGraham or Lighthound. Both stock the Spyderco Jester.
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