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Thread: AAA-P output

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    Default AAA-P output

    My ARC-P seems to have as much output on Lithium AAAs as a Fenix E1. They both light up a dark room nicely. It is apparently brighter than on OLD model McKinley I just got...The McKinley does not put out as much throw as the E1 (85 lux vs >100 for the E1).

    Do I have a super ARC-P???

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    Default Re: AAA-P output

    The Arc-p was measured at about 8-9 lumens if I remember correctly.

    According to FR the E1 puts out a bit more than the Arc-P

    But turning them both on in a pitch black room it's hard to see the minimal difference in output between the two of them (IMO).

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    Default Re: AAA-P output

    The difference to take into account here is Runtime.

    The Arc-P, on an Energizer lithium battery, will have approx. twice the E1's runtime. See the charts at and previous threads here on CPF.

    All depends on whatcha value the most in a compact EDC light.

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    Default Re: AAA-P output

    When I compered runtimes of AAA-P to E1, both hit 5 hours on Lithium batteries.

    However, on Alkaline batteries the AAA-P maintained 5 hours (at less output) while the E1 only runs about 2 hours (regulated output).

    So if you don't mind a little less light, and want to use alkaline batteries, the AAA-P wins.

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    Default Re: AAA-P output

    Thank you for the information. This is proving to be what I am looking for in a aaa light. Thanks!
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