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Thread: Reccomend me a cheap HID

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    Default Reccomend me a cheap HID

    I want to move into HID spotlights....I'm looking for something under $100, is there such a beast? im not looking for high wattage, only something like 8 or 10 watts, preferably rechargeable or convertible to rechargeable....

    Is there such a thing?

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    Default Re: Reccomend me a cheap HID

    my BF is in the same boat I have been looking for one for him for Xmas. Cheapest I can find is from www.hidfoglight.com at $109 anyone knows a place for cheaper?

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    Default Re: Reccomend me a cheap HID

    The $109 price is as cheap as I have ever seen for the 7" spotlight. We more commonly call it the AmondoTech lluminator around here. However only Amondotech (amondotech.com) sells this light with the 4200K color bulb which is considerably less violet/blue than the stock 6000K color. Some people like the violet/Blue color for the "WOW, its HID" factor but the 4300K lamp puts out more lumens (brightness) But still, $109 is a very good price.
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