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Thread: Reccomend me a cheap HID

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    Default Reccomend me a cheap HID

    I want to move into HID spotlights....I'm looking for something under $100, is there such a beast? im not looking for high wattage, only something like 8 or 10 watts, preferably rechargeable or convertible to rechargeable....

    Is there such a thing?

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    Default Re: Reccomend me a cheap HID

    my BF is in the same boat I have been looking for one for him for Xmas. Cheapest I can find is from at $109 anyone knows a place for cheaper?

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    Default Re: Reccomend me a cheap HID

    The $109 price is as cheap as I have ever seen for the 7" spotlight. We more commonly call it the AmondoTech lluminator around here. However only Amondotech ( sells this light with the 4200K color bulb which is considerably less violet/blue than the stock 6000K color. Some people like the violet/Blue color for the "WOW, its HID" factor but the 4300K lamp puts out more lumens (brightness) But still, $109 is a very good price.
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