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Thread: 3.7volt bulb for rechargeable

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    Default 3.7volt bulb for rechargeable

    Hey, does anyone know where I can get a 3.7 Volt bulb for my chinese made Cyclops light(2X123A) so I can use a 17670 rechargeable battery in it. Thanks for the help.

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    Lighthound has a 3V G&P. I don't know if that'll work.

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    Default Re: 3.7volt bulb for rechargeable


    Dae has this one; it is Surefire compatible:


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    Default Re: 3.7volt bulb for rechargeable

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    I was looking for a 3.7V bulb like this 6V on here http://www.lighthound.com/index.asp?...OD&ProdID=1360Thanks

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    Well, if anyone sees one, please let me know. Thanks

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    i seem to recall we use them at where i work as panel indicator lamps ...they are refered as "midget flange" lamps, good news is they are available in a variety of different voltages AND led replacements although as you may appreciate when used as an indicator lamp, they are pretty dull ......... a supplier for a high pressure xenon/high wattage type may take a bit of finding (IF they are available !! ) good luck



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