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    How about a sticky thread, that post links to any interesting items that would make good Christmas gifts, such as flashlights, gear, tools, electronic gadgets, books, knifes, dvds, or anything else that looks neat or unusual. I'll try to post some links later on, and I'll try to avoid anything obvious or expensive. Hopefully we can all pitch in with a few good suggestions.


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    Ok here is my first link: rodBlock.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=yes&expansionOID=-536879944&prodBlockOID=536982406

    Office Max is selling the Canon a40 digital camera for only 250 dollars. It's considered to be one of the very best 2 megapixel cameras on the market, and usually retails for around 300 dollars. It also has an optical lens, and uses regular aa batteries. The fact that Office Max is also throwing in, a free 64 meg storage card, makes this a very sweet deal.


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