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Thread: Challenge: CPF "Junkyard wars", Episode 1

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    Str Challenge: CPF "Junkyard wars", Episode 1

    Let's say you are allowed one emitter of your choice, one driver/resistor, the proper complement of batteries, and all the stranded insulated copper wire you desire.

    You have no other flashlight parts (springs, contacts, o-rings, lenses, reflectors, threaded bodies, etc.) and no parts from other electronic devices, that are similar to a flashlight, or made for electronics devices. You do not have access to a mill or lathe.

    Now go make a reliable flashlight from spare objects from around your house.
    • The batteries must be replaceable by hand only (no soldering iron to disconnect the batteries, or tools to open the flashlight).
    • The flashlight must be able to be turned on/off without disassembly.
    • It must run for at least a half hour, and not pose a hand scalding/fire hazard.
    • It should be water resistant.
    • Post pictures and a description of how it was built and how it is to be used. Movies welcome!
    I suppose with the ice storms and subsequent power failures this past week, some of you may have gotten a head start.
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