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Thread: FS! Chop-built Aleph L.E - PRICE DROP

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    Default FS! Chop-built Aleph L.E - PRICE DROP

    1) Chop Built - TXOH/Wiz2 1000

    Had maybe 3 hours continuous use. Very white. Bright output

    $70=00 $65=00

    2) Icarus Built - UXOJ/Wiz2 933 - SOLD

    Virtually new - maybe 1 hour continuous use. Very white. Bright output.
    Beautifully built with slots for circumflex pliers and solder points insulated
    with varnish.


    The above prices include standard shipping but you must make up any
    paypal charges incurred (by adding 4% if necessary)

    Not responsible for lost post.
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