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Thread: error coins??

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    Default error coins??

    Anyone into error coins, I know someone who does quite well buying and selling. He told me you could make a years salary in a few months. Here is a pic of a new GW $1 coin "P" MINT.

    I doubt these are errors

    Crack in hair

    Nick in edge, these are uncirculated
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    Default Re: error coins??

    They look as if they are more of an oddity than an error.

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    Default Re: error coins??

    anyone can take a titanium drill bit, put a dent on a common coin and sell it for a could hundred bucks right? not that simple

    theres specific stuff experts look for...stuff like the state coin having a third leaf carved out of relief would we a different story

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    Default Re: error coins??

    I have a double strike Delaware quarter and an off center strike of a Texas. Last time I checked a coin dealer offered me $50 for the Delaware one.
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    Default Re: error coins??

    I'm a collector but no expert and I usually don't get into error coins.

    Those marks appear to be bag marks or rough handeling marks. They look indented, die breaks or cracks leave a raised mark.
    Just my thoughts.

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    Default Re: error coins??

    Some are pretty rare. When I was actively collecting coins I needed only two Mercury dimes to complete the set. One was a "overdate" where the mint screwed up the stamping and it was worth big bucks. Never completed that set.


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