I finally got time to make a 3rd prototype last week of an idea I have had for some time.
This Wee Wearable light is so small I have worn it on a necklace & Or Zipper comfortably.
Photo Below shows size comparison next to PD Ti, Alu Raw, Raw Ns, Wee, CR123, 10280 (Cell that is in Draco), 10180 (Wee Cell)

Wee Specs:
O Rings Bezel & Joint Water Resistant.
Mineral Glass Lense
Cree XR-E emitter
Custom Reflector.
10180 3.7 Volt 90 mAh Li-ion Source AW
Nickel Silver Body Or Titanium
MOA (Means of Attachment) or Lanyard
Preferred Brightness & run time settings:
Approx 50 Lumens for 1/2 an Hour.
We could offer other choices.
Single Stage Twisty
Weight is a Wee 20 Grams in NS with Battery.
Expect Ti to be 10 Grams or less.
Dimensions 34mm Long 13mm & 15mm Max OD.
Smaller than a CR123.
Tritium Locator's & Wee Logo Milled.

Wee Price estimate in NS £35
Wee Price estimate in Ti £75

The Brief on this Wee light was to go as small as possible using a Power LED.
Making it Truly wearable, so you can now wear your EDC Naked in the Shower!
You never no when there's going to be a power outage!!
Besides this Wee Light on a necklace works very well for Reading.
I am sure there many unexplored uses..

What I would like to know is anybody interested?
I would like to do a run of both Nickel Silver & Titanium.
No need for a list, but it would be good to get a reaction to see who is interested in this Smallest XR-E Based Wee Light please..