Not sure if this is in the right section so please feel free to budge.

My friend has been nice and gone to the effort of designing me a driver board for my light.

The problem with most current driver boards (sorry bad pun) is that they are aimed at the current tech. My n-flex which was spot on a few months back now can't provide the current I need for my design.

The board that has been prepared is specifically over eginered so that it not only works for todays LED's but anything within reason that the market can throw at it.

So basically it is a buck/boost driver with 90%+ efficency that can regulate current upto 4-5A The voltage in can be anything from a couple of AA to a few lead acids.

Covering all bases basically.

Now as you probably have guessed this board costs quite a bit to assemble.

So I thought you guy could help me with a bit of research.

How many people would be interested in this driver and what is the maximum you would pay?

If there are enough people with enough cash, we might put into production, if not just one for me and one for him.

The board costs less the more that sign up and is fully reprogramable for each new led designed.

at the moment it costs more to make than most of the competition cost to buy so this wouldn't be cheap, but hopefully the best in the market for years!

Now picture 5 sets of five P4s in parralel running from a few Sub-C cells.
Thats a good 25 x 240lm.


Who would want one, and how much could they reasonably afford?
We are not looking to make much of a profit but the board is expensive to make (for obvious reasons)