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Thread: Massive Spam Shot of "Storm Trojan"

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    Default Massive Spam Shot of "Storm Trojan"

    Massive Spam Shot of "Storm Trojan"

    "Postini has already counted nearly 5 million copies of the spam in the last 24 hours, and calculated that the run currently accounts for 87% of all malware being spread through email. 'Expect this to grow much larger,' a Postini spokesman said; 'It should top out at 60 million messages within the next 24 hours.' It's the largest attack in the last 12 months, and more than three times the volume of the two biggest in recent memory: a pair of blasts in December and January. The spam carries a ZIP file attachment posing as a patch with subjects such as Worm Alert!, Worm Detected, Spyware Detected!, or Virus Activity Detected



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    It's just really really hard to picture why anyone would still open an unexpected email attachment, regardless of how clever the spammer words an email.

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    Default Re: Massive Spam Shot of "Storm Trojan"

    It seems like that lately in the large majority of virus email attachments I've received, either my ISP (Verizon), the sending ISP or somewhere in between seems to catch it and only attaches a text message saying the attachment had a virus and was deleted.
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