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Thread: McC2s work okay with a Milky M375?

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    Default McC2s work okay with a Milky M375?

    The title says it all. I'm saving for an M375, and I'm wondering if anybody knows if a McC2s will work with one of these okay?

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    Default Re: McC2s work okay with a Milky M375?

    From what I remember when I asked Milky when I was buying an M273, the board/converter doesn't work well with a resistored tailswitch, PM him or e-mail direct to check.



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    Default Re: McC2s work okay with a Milky M375?

    Double threads, blur... http://candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=165130

    Although damn that'd be a nice setup.

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    Default Re: McC2s work okay with a Milky M375?

    Hi guys,
    Bernie is on vacation so moderating this forum is left to me.

    Since there is another thread on this question and in an area likely to get a more comprehensive viewing, I will lock this one.

    - Don
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    Default Re: McC2s work okay with a Milky M375?

    Due to bad weather I am just checking in for a second ... and just can't stop myself from saying ... "Well done, Sir. Law and Order restored."

    See ya all in 11 days !

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